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All about CommUNITY.

We provide a support service for people who are affected by Hate Crime across Luton, Bedford and Central Bedfordshire.

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Report Hate Crimes

The service aims to reduce Hate Crime and increase the report rates across Luton, Bedford and Central Bedfordshire.

We tackle this using a variety of different methods, outlined below.

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Joyful group of multi-ethnic community of happy people having fun joining hands in the park


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1-2-1 Chatline:
  • The chatline is accessible to the community via the Bedfordshire CommUNITY Mediation Service website and will be open Monday to Thursday 9 am till 5 pm and on Friday from 9 am till 4pm.
  • An initial assessment will take place when contacting the chat line to see what support the individual needs.
  • If you choose to report a hate crime, you will be supported throughout the whole process of reporting.
  • Additional face-to-face appointments can be booked through the chat line.
1-2-1 Reporting Support:
  • You can access 1-2-1 support through the chatline or pre-book face-to-face meetings.
  • If something is not covered in the support we provide we can signpost individuals to external support services.
Mediation Service:
  • We also provide a mediation service across Luton, Bedford, and Central Bedfordshire.
  • We work with the community and local police to gain a better understanding of the barriers faced when reporting hate crimes.
  • Once individual barriers are identified additional support will be put in place to tackle these barriers.